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Summative assessment

We offer a summative assessment service at a low price, but without compromising on quality and efficiency. Our assessors have an established and well-respected track record of NPQ assessments.

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Our assessors

All of our assessors are very experienced educationalists and have worked with middle and senior leaders, Heads and executive leaders, in a wide variety of contexts. They are all carefully selected and well trained in the assessment procedures for the different programmes.

There are significant advantages for providers in taking our summative assessment service.

  • we will deal with the moderation process for Lead providers, working closely with Tribal
  • our track record gives you peace of mind and security, knowing that you are leaving the assessment process in safe hands
  • we work closely with Lead Providers and so you are informed at each step

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Customer endorsements

  • “We have been very impressed with the quality of the online courses and have received excellent feedback from participants about their experiences. We have also been able to build on the learning from the online courses in the face-to-face days. The NPQonline facilitators really help to challenge participants’ thinking. The quality of resources is outstanding.”
    • - Surrey Schools Teaching Network
  • “Working with the team from NPQonline has been a dream. They have been extremely professional and responsive to all our needs, impeccable service! I would highly recommend NPQonline as an excellent source for supporting any NPQ programme.”
    • - Lambeth Teaching School Alliance
  • “NPQonline develop their programmes to an extremely high specification ensuring high quality content and up-to-date material. NPQonline continues to provide LSSW with state of the art programmes which form a significant part of our offer. Feedback can best be described as excellent.”
    • - Leading Schools South West (Cornwall & Devon)
  • “We chose NPQonline because they had the broadest expertise, and were open to working together in partnership, a key part of our original license bid. Their style and approach mirrors our open and friendly, yet challenging support for candidates at all levels, and the highest expectations of participation and success rates.”
    • - School Improvement Liverpool