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Online 360 evaluations

These high quality diagnostic reports offer a very cost-effective way to evaluate the strengths and areas of development of your Team. They are available for education, public or private sector settings. We can also create bespoke 360s based on individual organisations needs and have developed a 360 based on the Goleman leadership styles.

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360 Diagnostic

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360 diagnostic

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A very simple process for Education

  • 360s available for all levels of leadership in education  including Middle, Senior, Heads and Executive Leaders
  • We can also provide a 360 based on the work of Daniel Goleman's Leadership behaviours
  • They can be used as part of the performance management cycle in schools
  • 360s are available for aspiring leader programmes as part of the career pathways in Multi Academy Trusts
  • They can be used for NPQ programmes and you can use them at the beginning and at the end of the programme
  • They are an ideal addition to the appraisal and performance management within your school or Multi Academy Trust

A very simple process for Industry

  • they can be used as part of the performance management cycle in your business
  • They are available for entry level managers and leaders, middle management and executives
  • We can create a 360 based on your own leadership requirements
  • We can also provide a 360 based on the work of Daniel Goleman's Leadership behaviours
  • We monitor questionnaire completion by raters and keep you in the loop
  • You get a full PDF report from us for each person

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Diagnostic reports that support learning and development as part of your NPQ 

  • ratings on all seven leadership behaviours
  • ratings on every assessment criterion for the NPQs and leadership
  • qualitative comments included
  • detailed comparison between participant and rater perceptions
  • the ‘Endpoint’ report has helpful statistical comparisons with the ‘Initial’ report, providing clear evidence of progress in the programme
  • datasets of whole cohorts strengths and areas of development have been created to identify trends
  • an opportunity for participants to reflect and respond to the report
  • relevant Assessment Framework sections included in each report

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Diagnostic reports that support learning as part of your business development

  • ratings on  Daniel Goleman's leadership behaviours
  • can be used over a period of time to see developments and improvements
  • any number of raters across the organisation
  • can be used to plan your professional development for your staff
  • datasets of whole cohort’s strengths and areas of development
  • can be used as part of professional discussions

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Customer endorsements

  • “We have been very impressed with the quality of the online courses and have received excellent feedback from participants about their experiences. We have also been able to build on the learning from the online courses in the face-to-face days. The NPQonline facilitators really help to challenge participants’ thinking. The quality of resources is outstanding.”
    • - Surrey Schools Teaching Network
  • “Working with the team from NPQonline has been a dream. They have been extremely professional and responsive to all our needs, impeccable service! I would highly recommend NPQonline as an excellent source for supporting any NPQ programme.”
    • - Lambeth Teaching School Alliance
  • “NPQonline develop their programmes to an extremely high specification ensuring high quality content and up-to-date material. NPQonline continues to provide LSSW with state of the art programmes which form a significant part of our offer. Feedback can best be described as excellent.”
    • - Leading Schools South West (Cornwall & Devon)
  • “We chose NPQonline because they had the broadest expertise, and were open to working together in partnership, a key part of our original license bid. Their style and approach mirrors our open and friendly, yet challenging support for candidates at all levels, and the highest expectations of participation and success rates.”
    • - School Improvement Liverpool